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In the past 24 hours, the #crypto community has been set ablaze by claims from the likes of notable #crypto YouTuber #Bitboy that the #BTC top will be in at the end of September. I just wanted to take a moment and give you all my thoughts surrounding the matter. There is no question that this year has been particularly #bullish overall….and eventually, what goes up, must come down. Have we finally reached the peak of the Bitcoin bull run? Will federal tapering cause it all to come crashing down within the next few weeks?

My answer is no. Everyone has the right to make their own predictions. However, there are factors that must be considered. There are still bullish scenarios that have yet to play out. Last week, I told you all that a possible #ETF approval may be in the pipeline for October.

Plus, the super cycle before a blowoff top is still on the horizon. Truthfully, no one knows what the future holds, but we can build an educated thesis based on the data we currently have. In this current #crypto climate, the fear of tapering is a very low percentage bet. If you would to hear my FULL thoughts, be sure to tune in.

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00:00 = Intro
02:39 = Is deflation coming?
03:42 = Bitcoin breakout fractal and double top
05:22 = FED tapering plan
08:52 = Upcoming BTC ETF?
10:11 = Outro

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  1. lets be honest- all bitboy does is shock and awe- click bait title- etc. his announcement is just to get attention- when proven wrong he will gaslight and claim he was always bullish- its his mo

  2. That split second hint though! Flippers don't pay enough attention to understand the 99.9% E rt. But the true citizens will! Loving the Nirvana/ Valhalla of the east reference as well. Nirvana, VOTE, multiple games with Valhalla, odin asgardians Valhalla. Geez I love how layered your guys' hints are!

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