Will central banks adopt bitcoin in 2021?

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The Federal Reserve has made clear it’s in no hurry to release a digital currency. Insights via @CME Group:

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  1. Same people that thought the internet was a fad are misunderstanding bitcoin, surprise surprise. What use is a digital currency if it's not controlled by a central bank? That in ITSELF is reason enough to support the use of bitcoin. And what makes the central banks so special? Trade is between people, people can choose whatever medium of exchange they want.

  2. BITCOIN is toy monopoly money. Better to buy Facebook, and get free Libra (crypto like bitcoin) and eCommerce as icings on

    the cake.
    It's been 10 years and most people still don't know or care. It's like a pet rock.
    You cannot take gold, silver, and to a large extent bitcoin into a store and buy food yet.
    I bought Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, CRM, Lululemon, Broadcom (AVGO), Adobe

  3. U cant figure out who uses BITCOIN…???? it is a 200 BILLION industry…already… u idiot… and it is still small compared to gold etc but it will be the ONLY LIFEBOAT from this SINKING SHIP of an economy.

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