Why Michael Saylor Invested 700M Dollars In Bitcoin

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Michael Saylor made headlines when his company MicroStrategy publicly purchased $425M worth of Bitcoin. This massive buy order ignited the “MicroStrategy Effect,” forcing major companies to consider purchasing Bitcoin to hedge against inflation and dangerous monetary policy. On the day of the recording, Michael also divulged his own purchase of Bitcoin – in excess of $200M.

1:45 – Strengths of Crypto Twitter
6:01 – Channeling & Storing Monetary Energy
9:25 – Technology & Ideology of Bitcoin Network
11:00 – Bitcoin & Immortal Life
13:15 – Journey to Embrace Bitcoin
14:00 – March & K Shape Recovery
16:30 – Questioning Conventional Economic Wisdom
18:00 – Inflation Myths & Misnomers
23:00 – Virtual Wave Outlook for the Decade
26:50 – Impact of the Currency War & Bitcoin Solution
30:00 – Energy Lapse & Questioning the Premises of Economics
32:41 – Equity as Store of Value & Cost of Capital
35:45 – Rationale & Danger of Debt
39:25 – Crypto Oxygen- Speculation vs. Salvation
42:00 – Business Challenges in Inflationary Environment
44:00 – $250 Trillion Assets looking for Store of Value
47:00 – Balance Sheet vs. P&L as Drivers of Value
48:27 – Risks of Action vs. Risk of Inaction under Stress
49:00 – Quantum Threats & Irrational Fears
51:00 – Boys Scouts & Mount Everest
52:00 – Morality & Motivations to Embrace Bitcoin
55:49 – Rational Behavior, Courage, Conviction & Leadership
59:19 – Public Company Treasury Strategy & Need for Bitcoin
1:01:15 – Bitcoin is Hope
1:02:00 – Skin in the Game & Character
1:04:00 – Coping with a Uncertain Future
1:06:00 – Global Outlook & Economic Empowerment
1:09:40 – Benefits of Diversity in Bitcoin Marketplace
1:13:30 – Quest for Truth, Life, Beauty & Timeless Elegance
1:14:15 – Engineering & Scarcity & Universal Truth
1:16:00 – Creating a Proper Monetary Energy Network
1:18:30 – Importance of Evangelism to Bitcoin

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  1. Greay interview, you let him talk away.
    Bitcoin is a great equalizer, doesnt matter if someone has $700 million of bitcoin, or just $700 worth of Bitcoin, it just brings like minded people together.

  2. Why? To get the masses to follow in his footsteps of course. Bitcoin is just a digestible prelude to a Universal Crypto Currency and the further enslavement that goes along with it. Anything to keep you from changing your wealth into something tangible. That's why!

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