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Moving forward I plan on doing more like this, and daily crypto news. Every day we will cover crypto news, bitcoin news, altcoin news, fear and greed indexes, bitcoin google trends, charts, bitcoin price.

I am also willing to cover ETH, LINK, ADA, XRP, BTC, XTZ, VET, etc..

Let me know if there is any specific type of video you would like to see ! 🙂

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  1. Price per Bitcoin 
    1st Halving $1,000 ($1,200 reality)
    2nd Halving $10,000 ($20K reality)
    3rd Halving $100,000 (wait and see)
    4th Halving $1,000,000 (pattern)
    5th Halving 2028 AD $10,000,000 (crazy pattern)
    6th Halving 2032 AD $100,000,000 (paid off the fucking ?US National Debt, pay off anyones debt)

    7th Halving America becomes Africa.

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