Trading Bitcoin – Daily MRI Hits Top & $BTC Drops $2k, Coincidence?

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  1. Tone, I’m glad you’re talking about politics lately because that shit needs to be said. The world is so shitty right now, I don’t even care about BTC hitting ATHs.

  2. Doing price only free shows defeats the purpose of you being a Bitcoin ambassador. What if you did the reverse. Preach the gospel and give bigger picture views for free and had paid price shows?

  3. I think we go sideways. We're approaching overbought, and some may be taking profits, but dips are getting bought up hard so price will remain here for a couple weeks, then a hard push up to 25-30k before a correction into January/Feb as people take profits in the new tax year, then alt season begins. Just speculating. But what do I know, I'm just a dumb plumber. I have earned thousands by following a less talked about approach which is day trading. Trading is less affected by the speculative and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency and with the right techniques and expertise, you can easily earn so much when others are actually making losses in an unstable market. there are several ways to make a consistent profit but the safest and easiest would be using the guidance, signals, and already proven trade strategies of a successful trader. As a day to day trader, I have always played safe and smart by trading with signals provided by Mr. Dean Briggs, which is so accurate and profitable. I made an increase in my portfolio from 1.5 BTC to 5.0 BTC in 4 weeks interval using his daily signals. You can contact Dean Briggs on Telergram @ Deanbriggs for a profitable trading system.I am spreading for those who are unable to turn out a consistent profit in the market still.

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