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  1. Why would you pay extra fees to sent BTC through Paypal? You can already send directly to people and to sellers. That's like giving someone your cash to give to someone and paying them to bring it to them. I say FK PayPAL

  2. Sure, we know there isn't tech news about the paypal. But what does that matter? The thing about bitcoin isn't the tech, but the monetary policy the tech enables. Right? We just got 300 million people one step closer and easier to hold account balances in BTC.

    Do we think Paypal will start running fractional reserve on those balances holding BTC? Seems to me It's possible by accident, even likely. Like, people pushing buy orders into paypal on lower prices, while market drying up outside, and paypal is only finding higher price sell orders.

    Will paypal show btc buy order going trough, before or after paypal fulfilling the contract on Kraken or wherever?

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