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Raoul Pal talks about bitcoin, XRP, gold, and Etherum in this interview. BTC news is happening and is explained in this analysis. Real Vision is the company that Raoul Pal founded and now uses to spread as much financial awareness as possible. Recently, Raoul has been explaining his large bet on Bitcoin. Pal has put nearly all of his liquid investment into BTC. He explains that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he needs to play big. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has fixed many of the problems traditional assets have. There can’t be more Bitcoin made which makes it a limited quantity. The Bitcoin network can’t be hacked. Bitcoin has no third party involved in transactions and allows peer to peer payments. Bitcoin is truly at the pinnacle of society at this point. Will this relatively new asset prove itself to be worthwhile? That is the question everyone is asking. However as more and more institutional investors enter this space, it is becoming obvious that Bitcoin will remain relevant. Raoul also talks about Ethereum and how it will play into his portfolio. I hope you enjoyed this video about bitcoin and some of the hype surrounding it. I will continue to make more and more videos like this.

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Hedge Fund Millionaire Invests All His Money in Bitcoin | Raoul Pal | Pomp Podcast #444

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