This is CRUCIAL for Bitcoin! – And The TRUTH About Alt Season

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This is CRUCIAL for Bitcoin! – And The TRUTH About Alt Season Bonus:

$30,000. It feels like, an inevitability at this stage, doesn’t it. But how? Isn’t 50% gain in a few weeks meant to exhaust buyers? No. Uh, probably not. I’ll explain why in this video.
Plus, we’ve had the re-emergence of the “alt-season” rhetoric rearing it’s head yet again this week. I will share some pretty strong opinions that I have on that particular subject. So seeing how we blew through $25k like it was no big deal, $30k was looked at by many traders to be the next level of resistance, because… it’s a big round number. Great logic. But that’s how trading uncharted waters goes I guess. Anyway this number was front run by people who wanted to make sure they get sold before any retracement occurred. Few percent away as of filming.

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  1. Russell Okung is a really a pioneer, he was one of the first players to represent himself in contract negotiations instead of paying an agent ridiculous amount of money to do something he said was smart enough to do himself, makes sense he's accumulating $BTC

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