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BitBoy Crypto joins the show to discuss all things crypto. From the real creator of Bitcoin, to who killed John McAfee, to what in the world is cryptocurrency? Take a listen!

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  1. Peter Schiff is the man 😎
    Look, it’s nothing like gold, except for people buying in, in response to fear of recession – but the primary purpose is speculation where gold is more for an inflation hedge and in booming times, gold isn’t going to continue have speculative trades placed on it. It’s a separate and new kind of asset class, it is more volatile and over long-term horizons it is better where you are planning your long-term, aspirational goals. Gold has very low volatility. Also, it’s difficult to know what crypto assets are the big ones without looking into them – wealth managers are going to have to learn some of this and I’m sure they will need advice from crypto experts.

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