The Bitcoin Group #242 – Michael Saylor – Bitcoin ETF – $30,000 – First NFL Player

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  1. Next morning – BTC at 30.8K – made some money sleeping. 🛌💤
    Let's see what the Bitcoin Group #242 is talking about…
    5:11 – Good to be sceptical about Saylor – proof of orange shirt. 🍊🍊🍊
    7:30 – Exactly. SEC are the "inside scammers". 🤡😈
    11:50 – BTC ETF – Damn derivatives, but what you gonna do? SEC will finally let it happen.
    13:03 – Gotta finally get me a "Bitcoin not bombs" shirt… – Done.
    13:53 – Price talk – yes, sideways for a while is always good – next stop 54K, the $1-trillion mkt cap point.
    2020 gains – BTC 308.19%.  TSLA 819%. – BTC was a wimp compared to TSLA. Markets are supremely stupid.
    Funny – BTC mkt cap – $615B. TSLA mkt cap – $669B. Did I mention, markets are supremely stupid?

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