The Bitcoin Bull: A Bigger Deal Than You Think

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The Bitcoin Bull: A Bigger Deal Than You Think


Far be it from me to be a little over dramatic about the price of Bitcoin. I would never. But there is an almost alarming disconnect about what people think is going on, as versus what’s actually going on. n this video I aim to show you how people have and continue to underestimate Bitcoin. Be it through a misunderstanding of what’s happening or through completely inaccurate Bitcoin predictions.

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  1. Thanks for the video. But you forgot to mention the elephant in the room. Tether ! The market cap of Tether is now over 18 Billion USD ! Back in Dec 2017 when BTC hit its all time high the market cap of Tether was about 1.5 Billion USD. So that is now a 12X in Tether market cap. Remember Tether was having problems with their USD bank accounts when they had 1.5 Billion USD, and now with 18 Billion USD ?

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