The 2021 Bitcoin boom will be different. Here is How. Plus epic prediction

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During the video I talk about :

– I take you through an epic chart that will blow your mind.
– An amazing bitcoin price prediction you won’t want to miss.
– I explain the anatomy of previous bull runs
– I share my thoughts about how the 202 bull run might be different.

Time stamps
00:00 Intro
1:40 How to build the chart and show the cup and handle
7:00 Bitcoin price predictions
8:30 Bull market predictions.


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  1. Yes, Super bullish this run because of Crypto awareness. Bitcoin is very likely to go double and peak.out to $620k. Bitcoin is going parabolic again, the whole world is talking Bitcoin like no commodity in history..
    This is the $500trillion in wealth transfer from Banking to Crypto.
    The opportunity will create generation Wealth for investors. Cup and Handle digital revolution is Here

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  3. Major bank bail-ins are definitely coming next year. If the next peak comes that early, I believe it will be smaller in amplitude than your chart. The price movement seems to be fitting within a logarithmic regression band, so a little over $100,000 would be the next target. $300k+ makes more sense for 2025 or beyond.

  4. There was a scam called plus token that pumped BTC and when it got busted they sold off the scanned BTC at the exact point of the pump to 14k then the capitulation. If the scam didn't pump it we probably would have seen the typical cup and handle formation…

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  6. Max, this time is very different from the past.So patterns will not be the same in my view.However a 50k value is not way off.There will be no point in having money though if we have no way of spending it .That is the plan sadly.

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