Should Tesla Convert It’s Cash To Bitcoin? w/ Michael Saylor

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Interview with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. His company has an $800M Bitcoin position and is buying more. As Bitcoin becomes better understood as a store of value (digital gold 2.0), should more companies adopt MicroStrategy’s approach and keep Bitcoin instead of cash/treasuries on the balance sheet?! My vote is yes. As a Bitcoin investor and enthusiast since 2013, it’s fascinating to see this news develop. What are your thoughts on Tesla holding some BTC on it’s balance sheet instead of cash? Will Apple and Amazon be forced to do this, after Square & Paypal have moved? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!

Michael Saylor Twitter:
MicroStrategy/Hope Bitcoin explainer:

0:00 Intro, What is MicroStrategy, why put your cash into Bitcoin?
4:58 Inflation & The Increasing M2 Money Supply
9:01 Everybody Is Looking For a Store of Value
10:47 Why MicroStrategy Switched From Treasuries to Bitcoin
16:13 Cash App, Square, Jack Dorsey & Bitcoin
18:09 Bitcoin FOMO Apocalypse Theory
22:16 First Engineered Monetary Network In The World
26:23 Should Tesla Keep Some Cash In Bitcoin?
31:35 When will it be against Fiduciary duty to not own bitcoin?
34:12 Three Drivers of Bitcoin Price
35:56 Who is the first Big Tech company to integrate Bitcoin? Apple, Amazon, Tesla?

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  2. This guy’s idea of inflation is a bit bonkers. And he’s putting his cash in bitcoin because he’s not getting interest? So he’s expecting to get his ‘interest’ from other folks fomoing into bitcoin? That sounds like trying to take advantage of the little guy, and the little guy doesn’t have strong hands so…. we’ll see a big fat dump when sentiment swings and these big guys find a reason to switch back to fiat. A 100% tax free savings account? That’s just so wrong. Bitcoin is volatile and is not going to infinitely double, it’s not at all tax free. The moment you take out your profit it’s taxable. It’s a store of value so you won’t be able to buy much with bitcoin directly. And the the Visa argument? Every Bitcoin transaction costs you money. How much? That depends how busy the network is. This video is another hype piece to fool the little guy into investing. Irresponsible. An aqueduct? Are you high? 99% doesn’t understand it? No you don’t understand it. Read the white paper again. Bitcoin was created to get rid of people like you, and it failed.

  3. "If you put 100 million dollars in the system you can store them like in a battery. There is no power loss. It will still be there in 100 years."
    That is just not true. Bitcoin spends 13.5 million dolars a day on electricity bills so 100 million will last for about a week un less greater fool puts in his 100 million after a week

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