Retirement Investing – Inflation and Bitcoin, Mortgage, Stocks, Gold

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Retirement Investing – Inflation and Bitcoin, Mortgage, Stocks, Gold
Long term investing makes things simple, avoid stupid and complex speculations and buy value investments.

0:00 Inflation is a certainty
1:04 Inflation is not linear
1:25 Inflation and stocks
3:30 Dividends
4:03 Inflation is high
4:29 Dangers of inflation
5:34 3 Investing Tips
5:41 Mortgage
6:38 Avoid bonds
7:06 Gold, Bitcoin

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  1. Sven told us, what to do 2 years ago during an inflation.
    You also predicted, "Bitcoin will go to the moon" that title 🖒
    Now you're doing the same thing with Alibaba, many thanks 🙏 for the huge value you provide 🙌

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