Realistic bitcoin price 2021!!!!! Plus January Crash Warning!

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We analyze a Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021.

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During the video I talk about :
00:00 Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021
1:00 What are the expert price predictions?
3:00 Will January see a bitcoin crash?
10:00 The case for a bullish bitcoin January 2021
15:00 Will 2021 be better than 2017 for bitcoin?
– And more

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  1. this happens every time, the media is a powerful tool for the wealthy. They pumped tf outta bitcoin ironically when stimulus checks went out & people are hurting for money & will more then likely given their lack of investing knowledge & having high hopes of quick money to help their current struggle due to covid, will spend their last & right when they thought they made a good choice BTC will crash. This will be good for only so long.

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