Real Conversations: Michael Saylor On Bitcoin – The Long-Term Bull Case

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**This webcast originally aired live on on Oct. 20, 2020**

The crypto community celebrated when MicroStrategy Founder & CEO Michael Saylor recently tapped the firm’s cash to buy $425 million in Bitcoin. “This is not speculation,” Saylor says. Watch this webcast with Saylor and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough discussing why Saylor believes Bitcoin is “less risky than holding cash.”

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  1. Real good one !!!!!!
    I’m poor working class single father . Last year I made 28k gross income . Over the past 18 months I’ve managed to save and buy 1 btc . I enjoy learning from you all

  2. This guy is out of his mind if he thinks gold will be confiscated before btc will be banned to own. Gold was only confiscated prior because gold was equal to the US dollar now its not. Once the feds make their own digital currency they would be incentivized to make btc illegal to own

  3. Digital gold fever. I get crypto, i like it but when i close my phone or laptop and look outside i see something else.i think a lot of people still dont get how the internet works

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