Raoul Pal: BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO EAT THE WORLD – The Economy Is Worse Than Expected

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Raoul Pal: BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO EAT THE WORLD – The Economy Is Worse Than Expected

“This is a once in a lifetime bet and kind of when you look at charts, you see gold breaking down versus Bitcoin and stuff like that. Bitcoin to me is this pristine collateral, but I see the amount of intellectual capital that’s going into the ethereum space, so there’s a chance that something really big comes out of this. Gold is the purest form of money that we’ve had, and it’s a 10 trillion dollar asset. The currency markets trade 4 trillion a day and they’re not, they’re not in any way the same shape or form, but it’s a bigger platform because more people use it so the currency market overall is worth more.” – Raoul Pal

00:11 – The markets kept hope while the underlying economy
00:54 – We missed the entire stimulus in the US economy
01:41 – Nobody knows how the banking system is going to work
02:39 – Deflation is persistent, the economy is worse than expected
03:45 – Gold, Bitcoin, those are my main bets
04:27 – Looking at the comparisons of Bitcoin versus all other assets
05:30 – Almost everybody I know has a personal allocation to Bitcoin
06:47 – I think gold goes up, but Bitcoin is going up a lot more
07:49 – I also don’t think of Bitcoin and ethereum as the same thing
08:51 – Gold is the purest form of money that we’ve had
09:47 – I don’t care where the Bitcoin wins

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  1. Someone explain to me how a cryptocurrency that's as digital fiat as all other planetary currencies, it isn't backed by anything, has no intrinsic value,, can be easily regulated, controlled or shutdown as any monetary system on the globe, isn't as secure or decentralizrd as you think it is and can have infinite copies and spin offs 2.0, 3.0, etc that can go on for infinity going to swallow the world? And NO your hashing algorithm mathematical computer or global network nodes does not give Bitcoin value……it's all based on faith in the currency, just like the dollar, nothing more.

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