My CRYPTO Cash Out Plan Plus Staking & Interest Earning With Bitcoin, XRP & Ethereum

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In this video I breakdown my goals and crypto cash out plan. Also, I discuss my plans for staking Cryptos such as Tezos, Ethereum and more to earn rewards and lending my Bitcoin and XRP to earn interest. Here is the Crypto cash out template –

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– Crypto Market Review – 00:45
– Jim Cramer $20K Bitcoin – 01:38
– Max Keiser $100K BTC & Peter Schiff – 02:07
– JP Morgan OCC Penalty – 02:50
– Crypto Cash Out Plan – 03:37

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  2. wow a whole bunch of big fish jumped ship! you were right! hopefully it is a healthy reset not a sign of a major drop back to the bottom!i guess people are pulling out to pay for taxes and presents for the holidays. that's something that didn't happen really the last bull run. definitely a smart trend to follow, and there will be a little FUD with the newbie investors.

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