(Monday) Crypto and Bitcoin Livestream (new opportunities?)

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Latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency news and trends. We take a look at the key events affecting the blockchain sector and review market movements. Combining both fundamental analysis and technical analysis to give you full coverage of the trading space. Find out the latest developments in DeFi and yield farming.

0:00 Introduction
2:37 Market update
6:49 Bitcoin ($BTC) pumping steadily. More institutional investment.
11:06 Ethereum ($ETH) new resistance at $2k
13:42 2nd wave of Yield Farming craze is back on Binance Smart Chain
17:37 The Strategy to Earn Passive Income with Yield Farming? Goose Finance ($EGG), Viking Finance($VIKING). “Free buffet”
23:50 Thoughts on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
27:45 Thoughts on Viking Finance ($VIKING). “Free food is great!”
29:14 News: Nyan Cat NFT Sells for 300 ETH, Opening Door to the ‘Meme Economy’
31:18 News: NFT market top signal? Fake Banksy nets over $1 million in ETH from NFT sales
32:12 News: Logan Paul Raises $3.5 Million in One Day from NFT Sales
33:00 NFT is the new craze
36:50 News: Elon Musk explains to Peter Schiff What Money is
37:24 News: Bitcoin is Now More Expensive Than a Kilogram of Gold
37:34 News: Blockchain tech will bridge the gap between DApps and enterprises
37:47 News: Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Reportedly Buying Exposure to One Crypto Asset – And It’s Not Bitcoin or Ethereum
38:26 Polkadot ($DOT): Build your own blockchain.
40:10 Kusama ($KSM): Testnet for Polkadot
42:01 Fractal ($FCL)launching on 23 Feb
42:40 FREE ALPHA: Claim your $MASK ITO
44:20 Q: $ETH price FUD
47:11 Inspiration from DotCom boom
48:58 Polygon ($MATIC)
50:26 Crypto Youtuber: Suppoman (
56:38 The New Ethos: $Voyager
58:00 Strong Boxnation community
1:00:52 Q: Will Bitcoin go up to $100k?
1:01:30 Linear ($LINA) $LUSD listed on Bitmax
1:02:30 Goose Finance got audited
1:03:55 Closing

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