Keiser Report | Doing the Moonmath on Bitcoin | E1621

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In this episode of #KeiserReport, Max and Stacy look at #Citibank coming out with ‘moonmath’ on bitcoin with a hugely bullish price target of $318,000 by December 2021.

In the second half, Max interviews Lorena Ortiz of the #Bitcoin Embassy Bar in Mexico City about how bitcoin has been a lifeboat for her company during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

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  1. So if your still comparing BTC to gold even when you've noticed one has gone DOWN and the other UP,….you should continue to throw your money at unicorn farts because you haven't learned a damn thing and are in desperate need of a reality check. BTC is a digital gambling token. When Risk is ON, gamble, just like Wall Street equities. When risk is OFF, you buy gold. It's 2017 all over again. Do you remember 2017? I sure do. BTC went from nearly $19,000 down to $3,000 in a matter of weeks. When the lemmings run, they leave a lot of gold pellets in their wake. I'm happy to pick them up on sale and wait for those same ignoramuses to swing back around again. A data stream, as elegant as it may be, remains nothing but a communication signal. No communication signal is worth $19,000. It's apparent that the greatest global contagion isn't Covid 19, but the fruit fly memories of the modern investor. I'm sure there will be adversarial comments delivered from people under the hypnosis of technology, but it should be understood that 'technology alone' has no recorded history of value preservation. It never will. Technology is a moving target and is designed to diminish with use case. Otherwise known as 'progress.'

  2. There's one thing about crypto in general that makes me wonder. If indeed crypto currencies were created by the capitalist deep state then what makes anyone think that crypto could not have been designed to draw investment money away from physical metals? Maybe cryptos will make metal holders filthy rich when the economic system itself collapses making transactions themselves obsolete as it will more mirror a barter system of exchange as no markets will survive. You want a loaf of bread? You got a silver coin? No, actually I have a paper wallet with Bitcoin on it. You need electricity, a computer, an internet connection, a bank to sell your crypto for dollars to, gas in an automobile to get to your bank, etc. The internet itself may become obsolete if not enough people using it.

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