JPMorgan: Bitcoin could surge to $146,000 in long term, but there is a lot of ‘ifs’

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Yahoo Finance’s Dan Roberts weighs in on JPMorgan’s bullish note on bitcoin.
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  1. You ended this interview on the wrong perspective. The attraction of BTC will far exceed the pandemic. Just because the printing machine stops, the damage is DONE. You can’t reverse what Global banks and governments have done. When you interview, dig deeper. Ask the tough questions. Play devils advocate. Your viewers are intelligent and can handle more analysis. These times require a deeper perspective.

  2. Price surge isn't thanks to pandemic or stimulus, its thanks to Tether USDT. The unregulated stable coin printing it out of think air. Look at the charts together. Printer has been on full blast since March. Let's see how long this will take to finally implode

  3. Supporting Bitcoin you support: pyramid scheme scams, drug cartels, ISIS jihadists, dark web drug dealers and child porn producers, tether scam, Internet scammers, North Korean hackers, Russian government troll farms invested in bitcoin, 3-4 multi-billionaires that are unknown and nobody knows if they are evil, reckless behaviour and easy money to the new generation which dropping out of studies and work hopping they will become "bitcoin millionaires". Do you sleep good at night?

  4. When the pandemic is over a lot of the printed money by central banks will be spent in the economy like there´s no tomorrow making prices rising like a rocket ship which in turn makes bitcoin even stronger. That´s what will happen.

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