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Bitcoin’s halving is four days away, and so I caught up the Caroline Bowler, the CEO of BTC Markets to discuss the consequences of the event.

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  1. There is a saying in crypto " not your keys not your coins" . As a regulated exchange in Australia I am interested to know, besides software security what measures are in place by her exchange to protect coins stored there? Having been hacked on an overseas exchange in the earlier days, l was wondering if by law they are required to guarantee the deposits? A but like the government deposit guarantee. Cheers

  2. Good interview. However one could easily begin to think that 'Bitcoin' and other 'crypto' (alt coins) are interchangeable to speak about. Bitcoin is in a class of its own. Its limited supply takes it away as store of value.

  3. Anyone interested in Bitcoin ought to be skeptical of ex bankers who come from a Keynesian background and dilute the gold like hard money signal of Bitcoin with vapourware buzzword noise of digital assets, crypto currencies, Blockchain, smart contracts… Bankers and traditional finance people have a vested interest in slowing down Bitcoin adoption by distracting newcomers with an infinite amount of centralized scams like Ripple and Ethereum… Bitcoin is a threat to their business model because of It’s many qualities which come from its decentralized nature. Due to it’s disruptive technology which enables self custody, uninflatable supply, and censorship resistance, it poses a direct threat to their legacy network of being rent seeking middle men who thrive on fractional reserve lending, usury, inflation, central bank bail outs (too big to fail socialism) and acting as gate keeping custodians who at the government’s request will violate your right to financial privacy and even worse, help them confiscate your assets.

  4. Bitcoin?
    It's a BLACK HOLE.
    Your money falls in and reappears in another Universe. AKA a money transfer machine.
    The thing we need to know is that, Black Holes can evaporate. And they charge fees.
    Money makes the world go around? No! Money puts smiles on faces as the hands go through your pockets. It's a reincarnation of a casino. The House always wins. It just takes enough time for you to not notice – or feel it. But it always ends in tears. The only way to cope is to be permanently depressed.

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