How to Play Bitcoins climb, Why the rules are different now

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4:30 BTC/USD
22:15 Comments
24:00 Crypto Space Analysis
27:25 BTC Dominance
31:50 ETH/BTC
37:00 BTC/USTD
43:41 Comments
48:00 Eth/USD
51:50 Crypto analysis
57:40 LTC
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1:06:00 BCH
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1:11:00 Gold

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  2. Your technical analysis of ripple xrp is “0 chance of outperforming Bitcoin” in 2018 it did when bitcoin was falling. If ripple returns to it’s all time high it will be about %1500 if bitcoin returns to all time high it’s what 45% ? Bitcoin has already bust its big percentage load The rest will be the dribbles in your shorts. bitcoin has dominance because of name brand only. Bitcoin is useless and controlled by China. It could also be completely taken out by the fed with a snap of the fingers. 200 billion is ass whiping money to them. Ripple is partnered with the big central banks 1000x faster more secure and uses 10000 x less energy. Yes bitcoin will do well because of idiots chasing the big markets with no understanding of the true technology that is going to change the world. you are not that smart. Intelligent yes but you have bitcoin tunnel vision.Unsubscribed.

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