How I Stole $100 Million In Bitcoin At 15

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At the age of only 15 years old, this teenager ended up hacking the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and ended up stealing over $100 million USD! This is his true story, from how he started, to how got caught, and what he does now!

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Ellis Pinsky has just been sued for $71 million, and he’s not even old enough to legally drink a beer.

His friends and family believed his lies – “I’m a gamer”, “I got lucky with Bitcoin”, “I learned to play the stock market”. But in reality, he stole nearly $100 million from a list of cryptocurrency heavy hitters and threw it all away on lavish watches, bottles of champagne, and the unforgiving high-roller life.

That’s the wild story of the Baby Al Capone; the privileged, suburban New York teenager who swindled millions from innocent and unspecpecting civilians. Let’s put ourselves in his shoes and see how this young criminal mastermind infiltrated the system.

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  1. Only God knows how many relations, dreams, and families he destroyed, never mind the law and its infinite time to deliver justice if at all, I’d be worried about someone on Main Street reaching me

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