Have We Bottomed Already? (Possible Scenarios for Bitcoin and Markets)

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Have we bottomed already? Possible scenarios for bitcoin and markets. As the markets (and bitcoin) have rallied off the September lows, we ask the question whether the bottom is already in. Or is there an alternative scenario? We look at the charts. #StockMarket #Bitcoin #AlessioRastani

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  1. ⚠️ALESSIO⚠️PLEASE: could you make a Video on how to put the different timeframes, and their candles in relation to each other and what it would offer a trader to unveil! I have Problems seeing any "meaning" in the Charts, because, as you said in this Video as well, there is a case to be made for each side… For example, a trendline break on the 5 min, how can i determine the significance of this break in relation to other timeframes, BEFORE the train has "departed"?!?! I guess all know that the higher the timeframes the more important their readings are, but also the higher the timeframes the less good your entries will be, if 10x or more! All i am trying to say is, its like these russian dolls you mentioned in one of your videos, tried to find it, but couldnt! That im trying to read thru the different "layers"(timeframes) but it all seems to be, not in relation to each other, its like their very own movements which can be measured and predicted just in relation to the very timeframes you look at!
    E.g.: 5 min candle close above major resistance visible on all timeframes, but the 15 min candle closes below it, but again the 30 min closes above it, 1h closes below it, 4h closes above it😐😵 So where should i enter? After the 4h candle, the distance to the Breakout point, turned Support, could be to far, thus forcing a trader to risk sooooo much more money for entering sooooo late! Would be very cool and i believe very fundamental and educational for everybody to think about it! I consider this to be more of a topic of Philosophy than trading, but i think its one thing to just do and learn sth and another thing to really look for the meaning and essence! Great Videos really! THEY HELP A LOT!

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