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Bitcoin took a gigantic dump today!!!!! BTC was rejected at $19,500 and price has dropped all day. In today’s video, I am going to discuss the cause for this price drop and the next bitcoin price targets. Join me…

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  1. but look at the intraday pattern is morning star dude so some down trends for convergences will occure to confirm the uptrend but the huge downtrend could occure bu..t later maybe at the 1iof december n not sure but H8 is still no showing convergence !! interesting anyway ! the morning star pattenr is CLEAR

  2. we must not forget the intra had no diverngences and like amways dollar kicks because they do'nt want the btc to ride but like always bitcoin eat it and like a smart boys continues up my opinion look the chart right now ichimoku shows an up trend till 30th i cross fingers im right

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