Germany Recognizes BitCoin as Currency

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BitCoin is officially being recognized as a private currency in Germany opening up businesses to accept it as a form of payment.

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  1. 0:37 – Designed to have no inflation…
    -Except until year 2140 in terms of supply

    0:40 – As every year the amount of new Bitcoins will be halved…

    0:47 – And are kept in online Bitcoin wallets…
    -Online wallets (e-wallets, website-based wallets) aren't necessary to store your Bitcoin and are unsafe so you shouldn't use them, go here to choose a proper Bitcoin wallet: (if you're an impatient person don't use bitcoin-qt as it takes ages to sync)

    -Also technically speaking, no Bitcoins are ever stored in a wallet, a wallet contains the private keys that are used to produce a digital signature that allows you to spend Bitcoin

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