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LEANDRO NARLOCH – Flow Podcast #208



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  1. Bitcoin’s price action has been flashing warning signs to investors throughout the past few days, with buyers and sellers largely reaching an impasse as the cryptocurrency struggles to garner any clear momentum. Its stalling uptrend has come about due to the intensity of the resistance between $11,000 and $11,200. Each tap of this region has catalyzed intense selloffs. Various analysts are now offering mixed outlooks on the asset, widely noting that its mid-term trend hinges almost entirely on its reaction to $11,000. The grounds are shaky and also different views and speculation going on about bitcoin and the next move will there be a strong uptrend or more dipping, it's a speculative market which is why accumulating and stacking up more coins in your holdings is of utmost importance, am not talking DCA but trading I am a swing trader and I can say I have my profit to show for it but the core reason to my successful trading experience is Bryant Miller. He is trade guide/coach and also a Trade signal provider, he provides the best trade calls, I was able to stack up 18 btc in profits in my holdings in just a short while of copying his trade signals in my trade. Bryant can be reached through Telegram (bryantmillertrade) and WhatsApp (+12532317125) for more inquiries into his trade signal services.

  2. Pensar que eu tive a chance de comprar em 2011 por 14 reais cada Bitcoin, na época eu tinha uns 40 conto guardados mas como o cara que me falou disso era meio picareta eu não botei fé. Paciência kkkkkkkk

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