Ethereum Will BLAST OFF Further than BITCOIN💥🚀

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BITCOIN is getting all the looks 👀 with its recent price surge…but you should have your eyes on ETHEREUM!!! We here at Chico predict a bigger surge from Ether over BTC. Why!?
Ethereum is the gravity force that will suck up all assets including $BTC! Bitcoin’s are currently being tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain faster than they can be mined! Guess what? This is only the beginning!!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro-Delivering the Fire Content Right on Schedule…
00:48 The Gravity Well Ethereum Sucking in Bitcoin!
01:14 What is Wrapped Bitcoin wBTC?
01:53 The Decentralized Bitcoin & ETH Bridge: Ren Protocol & RENvm
02:56 RENvm Begins to Mint renBTC Like Crazy…
04:12 Why is Bitcoin Coming to Ethereum? Who Is Minting?
05:32 What Are They Doing with the Bitcoin on Ethereum?
07:27 CoinZoom Sponsored Segment
10:04 Compound Finance & wBTC & Yield Farming
11:58 Curve Finance, renBTC & wBTC Cafe
13:25 Outro

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