Crypto Update: Bitcoin Bullish Signs, ETH, SOL + the Next Solana, Microsoft, Ark + more

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0:00 So many Bullish Bitcoin Signs and do we have a new Solana – Phaeton & Solana.. the two best Blockchains in the World and so much more.

00:30 Sky is Not Falling

01:00 Plan B – Gold vs SPX vs BTC

02:00 Bitcoin Surmounting Wall of Worry

03:00 Whales Manipulating and HNW Buying

04:00 Stablecoins Res hits ATH – impact Bitcoin Price?

05:00 4 Hour MACD – Send it

06:00 Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Highest Since May

07:00 Bitcoin On Track to $500K – ARK

08:00 $1B0N Bitcoin sent for $9 – Future of Money

09:00 100,000 Wealth Mgrs – 5 Trillion

10:00 More Cold Storage

11:00 Swiss Alp Hotel Accepting BTC and ETH

12:00 Americans Prefer Crypto over ETFs

13:00 Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

14:00 Mad Jim – BTC to ETH to Crypto

15:00 Red Day Except for Solana $SOL!

16:00 Watch for Phaeton! The Next Solana?

17:00 MSFT Getting in on the Game


18:20 Daily Reminder – LOCK IT DOWN

19:00 IA Security – New Playlist

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  1. Great Job today James, you gave IA Patreon ten minutes to nail the exact bottom on DOT, I managed to get it a few cents higher and that is still awesome..
    I'll have to be quicker on my cel phone, I was in between work and home when it came out… Thanks again.

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