Bitcoin’s Revolution Is Now: The Bretton Woods Reset

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The International Monetary Fund’s managing director alluded to a new Bretton Woods Moment in October – an item that fell through the cracks of the news cycle. The IMF also said Bitcoin is the next step in the evolution of money. So what would this really mean for bitcoin and what does it mean for our current money in the banks, is it safe?

In his interview with Daniela Cambone, Bank to the Future founder Simon Dixon, considered one of the greatest minds in the crypto space, talks about a possible Bretton Woods reset. Dixon, who forecasted the economic crisis of 2020, also reveals his latest prediction.

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  3. Why do people not understand what socialism means? The IMF is not a socialist organization. It is a totalitarian organization with the goal of enslaving the people of the world with debt to serve an elite. It is more a feudalist organization than a socialist organization. Socialism as Marx defined it, was supposed to be a free society with the economy organized in worker co-ops. If the economy is organized into worker co-ops it doesn't matter if politicians only want to serve the big companies because the big companies are run by the workers.

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