Bitcoin Will Soon Shock The World

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Bitcoin Will Soon Shock The World.

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00:00 Intro
01:10 This Bullmarket is Different
01:59 Garlicbread and Cripple
04:49 AltCoin Bloodbath
05:54 Bitcoin Crisis

There are two main and rapidly growing reasons why this bull market is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, even compared to 2017. 2017 was nothing compared to this. Number 1 is, demand is getting increasingly crazy. To the point where even institutions are having to close their doors, and number 2, the available supply is rapidly draining.

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  1. @cryptodaily I remember but can't find a video from earlier this year where you showed your favorite investment books, could you point me to right video possibly? Thanks!!

  2. Great video, as always! Anyone want to share their guesstimate for how high the price of Bitcoin will go this bull run? I honestly did not think it would be this high before 2021; quite exciting.

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