Bitcoin will be the BEST INVESTMENT of your LIFETIME…!

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If you play this market right, Bitcoin could be the best investment of your lifetime for sure. Fundamentally Bitcoin serves as a hedge against inflation but is also heavily driven by speculation.

00:00 Intro
01:33 Important Bitcoin News & Investors
04:11 Negative Rates
05:38 Inflation
08:37 The Value of Bitcoin
09:25 Outro


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  1. All you say makes sense but how long will it take ? And how do we solve the issue with too many whales owning too many bitcoins thus can manipulate price? how do we achieve more spread distribution so we have adoption? re: the peso currencies you shown, yeah ok but those economies have very little financial power … usd , eur and many other currencies are strong for average person and ppl dont feel the average 1-2-3% year inflations as salaries go up too .. bitcoin can solve maybe some problems but not anytime soon and way too much more needs to happen in order for it to be reality … anyways, I am accumulating but … cautiously…

  2. Hi Sunny, this is one of your best video you ever made. I am a Swiss living in South Africa and a big fan of yours. I have invested in BTC more than 3 years ago and have never regretted it.
    If one doesn't understand Bitcoin now one never will.
    Well done
    Regards Arthur

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