Bitcoin to $250K by 2022 may be ‘too conservative’ | Billionaire Tim Draper

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Billionaire Bitcoin bull Tim Draper believes the impact of COVID-19 may condense the time needed for Bitcoin to reach $250,000. He also explores how tokenization can combat food insecurity caused by the pandemic.

0:00 Intro
1:13 Is the impact of the pandemic creating more opportunities for blockchain and DLT technology?
4:32 Will the challenge of the pandemic advance tokenization?
6:04 How can tokenization affect the real estate and shipping industries?
7:24 Will DeFi drive adoption?
9:18 How will enterprises make use of DeFi?
10:52 Why do older people not want to use Bitcoin?
13:07 Do you stand by your prediction of Bitcoin to $250K by 2022?
14:54 Outro

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