Bitcoin risk to better time entries and exits

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The price of Bitcoin has been surging recently and so has the risk metric. We have introduced this risk metric for Bitcoin approximately one year ago. Now that times are heating up, can you stay disciplined and stick to your plan? This metric shows us that we are getting into bubble territory and that extra precaution needs to be taken! What do you think about this risk metric? Remember you can access the numerical risk by signing up for the premium list!

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  1. Does this graph shrink with time? Like right now, the risk is above 0.5 but as time passes and more and more price goes up, does risk goes down? How do you compute the risk?

  2. I am sure I will be a Crypto Millionaire if I follow and learn from Ben. Thanks for the effort!!!
    Hope to see you make a video on how you come out with those sick chart!

  3. problem is big institutions buying and holding for the long run. dont see major drops at current price.. just been buying dollar cost averaging so I'm still buying incase it never goes below 18k again. if it does I have money waiting for that drop that might not ever come

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