Bitcoin Reaches All Time Highs – Keiser Report Boxing Day 2020 Special with Simon Dixon

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  1. 80% of Americans love liabilities not investments that’s why when a emergency happens they can’t come up with $1000 because there’s nothing but liabilities laying around

  2. Stacy is incorrect about every American receiving an extra $600 in 2020. Only those on unemployment received that extra $600 and the benefit ran out and was temporarily extended.

  3. Why do comments on these bitcoin videos always receive an automatic solicitation from people trying to sell you bitcoin? What a racket…. it’s like penny stock sales people in the 80’s….

  4. 20:51 what nonsense is Max talking? "Investors are selling gold ETF's and buying bitcoin ETF's". There is no Bitcoin ETF's – what is he talking about – how was this not corrected ? Beware quite a few factual inaccuries here.

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