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Intro 00:00
Hourly BTC chart 00:30
Weekly BTC chart (lower highs) 1:10
What will we discuss? 1:40
Fibonacci Resistance 2:05
Macro throwbacks 3:20
Micro throwbacks 5:45
What a throwback may look like 7:30
Very very bearish scenario 8:45
Bitcoin price bullish breakout 10:00

Bitcoin price has settled exactly within the most important resistance area it has traded within in a long time. As btc consolidates on short term charts, bulls have a shot at a massive breakout to $12,500 target. But at the same time, there is a case for a bearish throwback for btc price, at least in the short term. We discuss all the targets in this very crucial and important bitcoin update.

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  2. You people do realize the fed controls crypto right as they do stocks right?And that crypto is the monetary system that will be used for mark of the beast monetary system to be implemented within the next five years

  3. BTC isn’t going anywhere near $12k until the RSI is reset on the daily and 4hr charts. It’s that simple. We haven’t consolidated enough at all. We have no room to move up because the indicators, namely RSI, have not reset from the reset bull run. We’re in a downward channel with spikes up and down. We will consolidate for 1 more week minimum. Pumpers need to stop with their emotional bias and learn to read a chart.

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