Bitcoin Price 2020 End of Year Prediction! (NO MOONBOY SH!T!!!)

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In this episode I present my most realistic Bitcoin price target for the end of 2020. This End of Year Bitcoin price prediction is based on three different methods which all three seem quite realistic. Let me know your opinion in the comment section about the outcome and don’t forget to like the video to support this channel for free. Thanks a lot.

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02:25 1st Method
04:00 2nd Method
06:26 3rd Method
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  1. 13k+ there is phuck all resistance it could shoot to 20k pretty easily i think. i hope you are right though so i can buy more at the end of the year for a better price hehehe

  2. The difference is that 2016 was a bull year, so the previous cycle had two bear years and two bull years.
    The current cycle have three bear years, and leaves only 2021 as a bull year. Thats why some people believe this cycle will have five years.

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