Bitcoin Outlook (Also Celebrating 500,000 Subscribers!)

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Thanks everyone for helping me reach 500,000 subscribers! It means a lot that you guys find what I say interesting enough to subscribe. In this video we just give a general outlook on the price of Bitcoin, and what Bitcoin needs to do in order to have the confidence to make a run to $100k. Where do you think the price of Bitcoin is headed? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I think, if I'm honest…
    The "bad setup" as you say, kinda works for me.

    I cant stand your average Joe Hypebeast YouTuber, with their triangular sound dampeners on the walls, and neon signs of "Keep Calm and HODL", and their Funko Pop vinyl collection on display… launching into the video with a dubstep intro, a furry avatar and opening up with the line "waaaaassup guys, it's ya boi here". How am I supposed to believe they've legitimately made money, or have legitimate advice when they're making money being an "influencer"?

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