Bitcoin on the Brink of a Collapse!! The Evergrande Crisis! BTC Signals Warning of a Whale of CRASH!

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Bitcoin technical analysis review of the charts. Evergrande Default

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  1. I have to say this. when I first saw your videos I did not like them because you talked about only about how low the price was going to drop, I always thought why such negativity, but now I see that it is a very realistic TA. In fact the best TA I have seen here on youtube.
    I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is very kind of you, thanks a lot..
    Excelent work…

  2. Hi Ron, I love your vids, always great impartial information. Would it be possible to put legends on the charts, so it's obvious what each oscillator/indicator/MA is?

  3. Hi there, this is an excellent analysis. Very details and informative. So thank you for this! Can you pls do the same analysis every few days?because we hitting a critical point right now and it can swing either way. Also, @20:20 is there another name for 'the true value range' – i can't find it in my indicators list. thanks!

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