Bitcoin & NYSE Live Stream! Crash started? US Stock Market, Link, ETH, BTC price Targets & Stocks TA

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Has the Crash begun? the DXY / Dollar Index is mooning while NYSE is currently dropping. This could the start of whats to come. US Dollar up means Bitcoin and US Markets will continue to drop. BTC & Stocks price targets live! I think the NYSE is topped out and a crash is imminent! This will cause bitcoin to drop to much lower targets. Technical analysis with support and resistance levels for swing trading – ETH, LINK, GOLD, BTC, S&P 500, Dow Jones and more.

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  1. I want it to come down to between 4000-7000 so I can buy in. I'm waiting for it to drop. I hope it does and I have my chance to buy a coin. I've saved my money and putting all I got on this one opportunity if it comes low enough to buy in.

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