Bitcoin Livestream! Crossing Pivot Ring Soon! BTC drop or pump? Price targets and TA

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Bitcoin Livestream! Crossing Pivot Ring Soon! BTC drop or pump? Price targets and TA
Next video we cover: Do we pump higher to set new all time high or do we crash to the 20 wma over the next few weeks?

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  1. Sorry for my bad english

    the first alltime high August 2012 January 2013 skipped the old all time high,

    which no longer fell below that 2012 and in April reached a new in this period no longer fell below the old alltime high January 2013.

    December 2013 the new alltime high, which fell later below April, which has not happened with the current one since 2018.

    January 2015, we went under alltime high since April 2013. i think the next bull run and new alltime high,

    will be continue bearish under the alltime high from that is now 20.000 which we must now break through.

    So after the next bull run it is possible we will see btc once again for very short time under 20.000usd

    What do you thing OPTICALARTdotCOM?

    And gread job that are you doing and poasting!

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