Bitcoin: Just a fair warning

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It’s all fun and games until you wake up and see your portfolio 20% down. Remember these are exciting times and Bitcoin could rally substantially higher from here, but there will come a day in the not-so-distant future where Bitcoin will correct and we will seek to hold the 20 week moving average (MA) as support. When that day comes, you need to be emotionally prepared because it has a way of turning those with even the strongest stomachs. In this video we take take a pragmatic view of the market and discuss some potential future outcomes and how you can best handles these outcomes. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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  1. If Bitcoin is going to $100,000 in the next two years nobody should give a rats ass if it corrects temporarily in the mean time. Invest in what you believe in, and invest with multiple years in mind.

  2. Good video sir! Your advice and analysis is some of the best, most even-handed and wise-sounding that I've heard on YouTube. I hope you are rich. In fact I hope you are so rich that you can afford , and in fact do, help some people who are struggling and vulnerable right now. Peace and all the best! thanks for your great work! 🙂

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