Bitcoin is A Failure (John McAfee Arrested!!)

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Bitcoin IS A FAILURE. I bet these are words you never thought you would hear a crypto YouTuber say. We will be discussing WHY Bitcoin failed as money and a standalone digital currency. We’ll also cover a celebrity arrest, and something that could worry investors at I’ll give you my take on Bitcoin analysts and what will happen to altcoins if Bitcoin stabilizes. On the other hand, I’ll tell you exactly what will happen to altcoins if Bitcoin starts to rise.

John McAfee has been supposedly arrested in Spain for tax evasion and is facing extradition to the United States. This all stems from McAfee accepting money for promotional activities on ICO’s. Find out all of the juicy details. Stay tuned until the end of the video for the important news on

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  1. And what coins would be the best investment for mid 2021?
    As you have covered hundreds of great alt coins so what top 5 or 10 would you say are great coins cause I can’t buy too much…and there are sooo many great ones out there. 👍🏻😀

  2. Ferrari Dealership in Florida was first to accepts bit coins, most car companies that are in the business are now accepting them also. It’s what business will accept that will determine how much, and what exchange…. FYI for those of you speculating on coin markets, this could all vanish overnight, just as stocks in the stock markets did for a brief while in 2008, the world could become a chaotic mess over night, people will pull what monies they have in the market out and purchase solid assets instead of paper markets this includes coins. With any luck chaos will not ensue after the US elections ….

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