Bitcoin: Is $20k possible in the short-term?

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With this recent Bitcoin rally to $16k, it leaves many people wondering whether we may see a $20k Bitcoin in the short-term. The short answer is that it is certainly possible, but a sustainable $20k Bitcoin is likely not. The price of Bitcoin is prone to many bubbles throughout each market cycle. Remember the rally from $4k to $14k back in 2019? Arguably $14k in summer 2019 is more impressive than a $20k Bitcoin today, as measured by the “fair valuation” of Bitcoin. What you think? Which Bitcoin reach $20k this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Would you recommend continuing to accumulate Bitcoin at the current prices now that it's exited your regression band? I'm keen to add more but caught in a dilemma where I don't want to chase a pump, but also recognise that even if we do go to 20k and come back down, we may never see as low as 15k again.

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