Bitcoin & Dominoes, Ethereum, DeFi, ADA, SOL, AVAX , Tesla $SQ + the Fed Future

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0:15 Pure Green Day

1:00 Next Two Weeks Look Bullish

2:00 B & PlanB

3:00 Dollar Collapse 2028?

4:00 Another Billionaire Jumps in

5:00 Bitcoin / Ethereum Bullish Indicators

6:00 Next Domino: Cuba

7:00 Bitcoin is Financial Freedom

8:00 What’ll Hit First?
$BTC – $100k
$ETH – $10K
$SOL – $250
$DOT – $200
$LINK – $150
$MATIC – $5
$ADA – $5
$DOGE – $1

9:00 BTC ETH Race to ATH

10:00 Race to ATH

11:00 Speaking of ATH’s SOL and AVAX

12:00 AVAX & BENQI

13:00 Ethereum Code Bug

14:00 DeFi at Risk

15:00 Cardano Headed To $3

16:00 ADA Humor

17:00 Jack Dorsey & Square building a BTC DEX

18:00 Tesla Grid in Texas?

19:00 To Taper or not to Taper?

20:00 Fine Balance – Keep Economy Alive or Kill Inflation

21:00 Fine Balance

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