Bitcoin: All Prior Death Crosses

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Rather than cherry pick our favorite death cross to discuss the implications of the current one approaching, let us go through each prior death cross (50D SMA going below the 200D SMA) to identify what typically happens. What do you think the price of Bitcoin will do over the next several months? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. A friend asked about investment options, I told him to track some coins/crypto, he replied saying ''not in crypto, crypto market is 100% manipulative" I was shocked to hear that. how can we change that narrative amongst general people? any suggestion?

  2. So after a death cross it went down, or had a pump AND went down. Am I correct? Just because we are at the level where I entered in February, so I'm thinking about taking out my money from btc, so I can enter in a more comfortable price, at around 30k in short term.

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