Best cryptocurrency to buy 2020 better than bitcoin? How much XRP to make a million? XDN digitalnote

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DISCLAIMER: SOMETIMES I ACCIDENTALLY SAID BITCOIN WHEN I MEANT XRP RIPPLE LOL oops. Also sorry that the sound gets low then jumps high

I forgot to input why the $100 per ripple mark is important, because there are articles stating it needs to be that price to make the “global” transfer transaction fees as low as one penny for banks.

LINK TO XRP CHIZ channel and his simpsons video:

——————How to Buy the coins————————-

XRP: Register on this one and you can buy it if you are a newbie it makes it very easy. However, it has fairly high fees. so once you register for it, you can then go pick up its sister app “coinbase pro” and log in there for a harder buying experience but lower fees. If you’re new I suggest making just a small purchase here first to get experience:

Opti Token (the mutual fund type one): this is the only app it’s avail on right now, and don’t use a yahoo email to sign up on it as it isn’t being recognized (gmail works)

Monero and XDN: (also XRP): FOR XDN, get an account here and buy bitcoin in it first then, you will be able to buy XDN with the bitcoin in that same website

FrinkCoin : I think it is a joke but I will buy $5 of it and put instructions here soon

777 coin: I think it is a joke but I will buy $5 of it and put instructions here soon

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  3. 1:24:28 I just realized damien said the developer is ANONYMOUS (the hacker) Lol 😂 awesome 🙂 which is the group that arose with my shadow man’s face right after I was all over Fb saying I love hackers and hackers will save the world. If so, whether you are human or AI (anonymous) thank you. I decided
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