$100,000 Bitcoin is a VERY REAL Possibility- Here’s Why

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This video provides 3 reasons why the Bitcoin price is potentially on its way back to all-time highs and beyond. #Bitcoin #btc

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  1. I think your view is a bit too optimistic haha

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    Best of luck to you!

  2. CME derivatives were introduced specifically with the purpose to put a lid on the BTC price.
    As long as the dollar exists, those who control the dollar will NEVER, ever let the crypto run.
    Bitcoin will never ever ever reach 20 k as long as the dollar system runs the world.

  3. All eyes re in btc, it appear that crypto bull are back in full force reaching 13k, bouncing swiftly from a weekend lows. crypto currency recouping some of the looses that came about as a result of its decline from $12,400 to lows of $9,900..Mr stanley is am xpert who his helping investor and newbies accumulate more btc throught his amazing signals. with his program i went from 2btc to 5 btc in just 3 weeks .. his t-ele-gram @stanleycarl thank me later.

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