🟢 Next Bitcoin Price Move Will Surprise You [BTC Technical Analysis Prediction 2020]

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Is bitcoin about to pump and dump or has a new parabolic bull market in btc price just begun?

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 2021

If you are knew then make sure you understand some of the basics about Bitcoin. You do not really need to understand Bitcoin mining and blockchains however some of the basics are vital if you are considering investing in bitcoin in 2020. We could see a huge move in bitcoin and my bitcoin forecast video is coming various soon so stay tuned and subscribe to the channel if you are new!

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  3. Is a 2nd virus going to be announced? If not, there's no reason for BTC to retrace back to 3.5k, since the 3.5k retrace only happened to due to extreme worldwide panic as a result of lockdown announcements, which rippled through all markets including but not limited to the crypto market. The people who bought at the retrace price are extremely lucky/brave/smart, but they are likely few and far between. Not enough of them exist for their profit-taking to break the bullish trend permanently. IMO, if BTC retraces it will probably only retrace to 9.5k, using 10k as a psychological barrier.

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